How to measure for Roman Blinds

Recess Measurement

Using a steel rule, take three measurements across the width of the recess make a note of the smallest measurement.

Do the same for the height(drop) inside the recess again making sure you take the smallest measurement.  This method ensures the best fit, the blind will be made to your precise measurements.


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Outside Recess Measurement

It is advisable to allow an overlap of 5cm or 2(inches) to avoid any light gaps around your blind i.e. if the actual width of the window recess is 100cm the blind should be a minimum of 100 + 5 + 5 = 110cms wide:

Take the width of the window and add the desired overlap to either side of the blind.

Measure the height(drop) of the blind and add the desired overlap to the top and bottom of the blind. If the blind is to sit on a window sill then only add the overlap to the top of the blind.


If you require assistance with either deciding the best position of your blind, or measuring, please give me a call.